1st Place Art Set!

by Fun 'N Fiber

I just won 1st place for my submission to the "Hidden Depths" contest, sponsored by the Polyvore group, Inspired and Slightly Obsessed!!!!  There were 100 entries.  You can see all the entries, and winners, here.

"Why am I SO excited," you might ask?  Well, simply stated, I SUCK at creating Art & Expression sets!  And that is just what this is!  I'm good at fashion sets (not amazing, terrific, or even super-good, but good) and I'm decent at home decor sets (again, not amazing, terrific, and, in this case, not even good; but decent).  But I suck at art and expression sets!

I NEVER win!  Seriously.  You can look at all my "wins," and you will see no art and expression sets.  OK, there is one for 12th place a few months back.  But 12th place, doesn't really count.  In fact contests can only have up to 12 winners.  And I know the leader of that group.  It's like she felt sorry for me because my submissions always sucked, so she gave me 12th place because my set was cute (it has a darling little kitten in it).

Ah, well.... I mostly quit all the art and expression groups I had joined.  Now I really only belong to fashion and Etsy related groups.  Oh, and Disney themed groups, but those are really fashion groups.

So, here is my fabulous entry, for your perusal.  It features a great quote by Henry Matisse:  "Creativity takes courage."

Hidden Depths: Inner Mind

On another note, I've been doing some more  FUN Disney inspired fashion sets (see my previous post on Disney inspired fashion here).

This one's based on Disney's Rapunzel film, "Tangled":

And this one's based on Tigger from "Winnie-the-Pooh":

Neither of those 2 won any contests so far, but 2 of my 3 entries into the "Around the Parks - Frontierland" contest in the Polyvore group, Disney Geeks, won!  I'm happy, but must note that there were only 15 entries.  Still, a win's a win, and I'll take 'em where I can get 'em!

This one won 2nd place:

And this one came in 8th:

And, finally, even though this isn't Disney (and because I'm a total Geek), my ode to The Great Gazoo, from The Flintstones:  

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