New Beginnings

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Last weekend, we dropped my oldest off at college.  He's a freshman at University of San Diego.

Here's a photo montage of the weekend:
Clockwise from top left:  My son poses at the university entrance.  A selfie my son posted.  My husband and my son.  Me and my son.  My son in his dorm room.

So many things went wrong that weekend.  My husband and son drove out with no problems.  I flew out.  My flight was delayed so long that by the time it arrived in San Diego, a thick fog had settled in and we were diverted to Las Vegas.  To top it all off, I accidentally left my cell phone at home, so I had no way to contact anyone when my flight was diverted.  And I'm old.  I mean, I CAN get along without a cell... assuming there are pay phones!!!!!

Nevertheless, I made it to San Diego the next day.  I mostly just missed the lugging of boxes up 2 flights of stairs in a heatwave.  Yes, San Diego was having a heatwave.  20*F above average and extreme humidity!  I had trickles of sweat running down the sides of my face (and other places) all weekend long, and the hair on the back of my head from the top of my ears down never dried!

I could look at all this as bad omens.  But I'm choosing to look at it as new beginnings, instead.  A new beginning for my son as he starts his "adult" life.  But also a new beginning for me as I learn to let go.  Because that is hard to do.  

And I have another son who will be going to college in 2 years.  So a new chance to build a stronger relationship with him before he has his "new adult beginning."  I've already started.  I gave my younger son a hug today and he let me.  Which is unusual.  He usually scurries away when I make any move to touch him in any way.  He's 16.  'Nuff said.

And, I am going to leave you with this photo.  Every time I look at it,  I literally laugh out loud.  I don't know why I find this so funny.  Maybe it's b/c I'm thinking about how long this squirrel hung there before the photographer found it.  Or what it was thinking.  Which leads to the question:  Do squirrels think?  And somehow to the question:  Will he ever be able to father children again?  And then I start laughing again.

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