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Etsy Shops Affected by Hurricane Irma

by Fun 'N Fiber
Today I'm featuring 7 fabulous Etsy shops located in hurricane Irma's path.  They are digging out, cleaning up and getting their lives back to normal. So here they are, in no particular order.  Please take a look at their shops.  You'll probably find something you absolutely need!  ;)

Boo to You!

by Fun 'N Fiber

Vintage and Handmade finds by Etsy shops located in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Boo to You! by Fun 'N Fiber
Orange Tin with Fairy

Handpainted Owl Cameo

Natural Pumpkin Soap

Halloween Baby Booties

Handmade Halloween Card

Autumn Grapevine Door Wreath

Frankenstein Salt Cellar

Disney Inspired Fashion!

by Fun 'N Fiber
Recently I've been having fun creating sets on Polyvore inspired by Disney Movies.  
My three favorites so far are based on Disney's "Lady ad the Tramp" and "Lady and the Tramp II."

This one is based on the main character, "Lady."  Look glam in gold and golden yellows.  There's even a blue gem on the back of the shoes like Lady wears on her collar!

This one, based on "Lady and the Tramp II" character, Jim Jr., features cute blue pajamas, fluffy dog slippers and a darling blue dog sleep mask!

This last set is a wedding set inspired the the evil cats, Si and Am.  Everything from the dress to the bag has a hint of Asian flair.  And check out the adorable Siamese cats cake topper!

I also made a couple sets inspired by Disney's "Peter Pan."  One features Wendy Darling as a teen and the other is based on the crock, Tick Tock.

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Fabulous Fall Finds

Fun 'N Fiber

This wonderful Fall collection of handmade accessories and home decor was put together by Sabine of Crochet Rag Rug.

Click on item images below.

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New Beginnings

Shop Fun 'N Fiber Last weekend, we dropped my oldest off at college.  He's a freshman at University of San Diego. Here's a photo montage of the weekend:
Clockwise from top left:  My son poses at the university entrance.  A selfie my son posted.  My husband and my son.  Me and my son.  My son in his dorm room.
So many things went wrong that weekend.  My husband and son drove out with no problems.  I flew out.  My flight was delayed so long that by the time it arrived in San Diego, a thick fog had settled in and we were diverted to Las Vegas.  To top it all off, I accidentally left my cell phone at home, so I had no way to contact anyone when my flight was diverted.  And I'm old.  I mean, I CAN get along without a cell... assuming there are pay phones!!!!!
Nevertheless, I made it to San Diego the next day.  I mostly just missed the lugging of boxes up 2 flights of stairs in a heatwave.  Yes, San Diego was having a heatwave.  20*F above average and extreme humidity!  I h…