Surface Decoration Workshop with Shalene Valenzuela!

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Last week I was in Santa Fe, NM for a FANTASTIC week long workshop* on surface decoration taught by Shalene Valenzuela!

1.  Painting underglaze on bisque ware.  Bisque ware is ceramic objects that has been fired once.  I already paint on bisque ware, but I did learn some new techniques from Shalene such as making shadows with a wash &/or an underglaze pencil. Here are some photos of Shalene's demo and a close up of her shading  around the eye.


2.  Screenprinting onto both wet (leather hard) clay and bisque ware.  Did you know you could screen print onto bisque ware?  I did not!

*Screenprinting on to wet clay is mostly self explanatory:

*Screenprinting onto bisque ware requires you to screen print onto newsprint first and then transfer that image to the bisque ware.  Shalene paint several layers a white underglaze onto her bisque ware.  The wetness of that underglaze mimics wet clay and the image transfers.  Here is a bee print she transferred as an example:

3.  Mason stain transfers.  This is a technique I'll probably never use because it only works on wet clay and can still be smudged even after the bisque firing.  This would require me to be extremely careful at too many stages!  But here are some photos, anyway:

4. Monoprinting onto clay.  This has been my personal favorite so far!  Basically you paint onto and carve into a plaster form and then "print" the image onto wet clay (it's a bit more involved than this, but that is the gist!)  Here are some photos of her process:


You can also screen print directly onto a flat plaster mold/block and incorporate that into your mono print:

And....drum roll please...some of my results using the mono print process...

From concept (sketch), to plaster transfer, to unfired tile, to finished tile!

After I got home, I made another "matching" tile.  Here is the completed pair:

I'm thinking of entering these into Fuller Lodge Art Center's upcoming exhibit, Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

I LOVE that you can do this with rounded shapes, as well as flat!  Here are a couple unfinished shallow bowls I made using the mold I poured at Shalene's workshop:

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*This workshop was offered by Santa Fe Clay.


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