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Have you Checked out Polyvore Yet?!?

"Gems" for Her

Have you ever checked out Polyvore?
Polyvore describes itself as "a new way to discover and shop for things you love."  This is true!  I have discovered SO many fabulous items (especially shoes and bags) there.
But, I would describe Polyvore as a site were you can put together outfits that you love.  Each item links directly to the site were you can purchase it if you want to!  How FABULOUS is this?!?
Recently, Etsy shop owners have been posting all sorts of fabulous handmade and vintage items there, too.  And not everything is clothing or accessories.  
I just made this FABULOUS pink and red set.  It features some of my favorite Etsy shops and sellers all in one place!  How fab is that?!?  If you click on the link, a new tab will open and take you to this set.  Then you can click on any one (or more) item(s) that you are interested in and it will take you directly to it!  I check all my links, so if you keep clicking on the links, you will end up a…
Fun 'N Fiber

I've been working away making adorable ring trees and ring dishes!  These make excellent gifts for girls and women.  They are great by the kitchen sink, too, for storing your rings while you wash dishes, cook, clean, etc.

Come check them out!  The can all be found here:  Ring Dishes and Cones

above:  sea turtle
above: metallic dragon
above: fox
above: blue birds
above:  black cat
above: mer-cat or cat-fish

above:  octopus
This one's great because you can change your earrings on it!

Surface Decoration Workshop with Shalene Valenzuela!

Fun 'N Fiber Ceramics & Handmade Jewelry
Last week I was in Santa Fe, NM for a FANTASTIC week long workshop* on surface decoration taught by Shalene Valenzuela!
1.  Painting underglaze on bisque ware.  Bisque ware is ceramic objects that has been fired once.  I already paint on bisque ware, but I did learn some new techniques from Shalene such as making shadows with a wash &/or an underglaze pencil. Here are some photos of Shalene's demo and a close up of her shading  around the eye.

2.  Screenprinting onto both wet (leather hard) clay and bisque ware.  Did you know you could screen print onto bisque ware?  I did not!

*Screenprinting on to wet clay is mostly self explanatory:

*Screenprinting onto bisque ware requires you to screen print onto newsprint first and then transfer that image to the bisque ware.  Shalene paint several layers a white underglaze onto her bisque ware.  The wetness of that underglaze mimics wet clay and the image transfers.  Here is a bee print s…