Welcome to my new blog!  I am a soon-to-be empty nester, artist, wife, and all around happy person! I make and sell jewelry and ceramics in my etsy shop & this is my very first blog post ever.

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Todays post is about ROCKS!!!!

I love rocks! They're like butterflies waiting to unfurl their wings and show their beauty to the world! I love agates for their translucency, geodes for the beautiful crystals that form inside, turquoise and jasper for their vibrant colors, and lava stone for its lightweight porousness! I love their connection to the earth. I love jewelry that shows off these qualities!

I especially love geodes!  Geodes are hallow rocks that slowly fill with minerals over 1,000's of years.  Quartz crystals, called druse* (dro͞oz) usually line the inside.  As more and more minerals are deposited, these crystals get "filled in," and form solid layers of stone (usually agate).  More crystals form in the middle. When you cut a geode open, it's like Christmas or a box of chocolates:  you never know what you might get.  Sometimes it's a "dud."  Sometimes it's completely filled in.  Sometimes there's a fairly large "hole" and sometimes it's smaller.  Sometimes there are a lot of crystals and sometimes there are only a few.  

*I have seen druse spelled many other ways, most commonly: druzy, drusey or druzzy.  

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