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How Geodes Are Formed April 22, 2018 by Margie of Fun 'N Fiber

I recently had a special order for a heart necklace with an American Sign Language "I Love You" charm.  I dutifully took out all my stone heart pendants, photographed them, and sent them to the customer.  The one she chose is amazing!  While working with it, I noticed its gorgeous variations and that got me thinking about how amazing geodes are!  I know agate slice jewelry is super popular and trendy right now.  Most of these slices are slices of geodes.  So I thought I'd do a post about how geodes form.  
First things first.  This is a photo of the pendant she chose, and resulting necklace.  Simple and beautiful.

You can find lots of beautiful natural stone heart necklaces in my shop, or convo me for a custom order!

Here are some other gorgeous agate hearts I have in stock right now:                    

I like holding them up to the light because agate is mostly translucent, and you can really see its go…
Yarn Artists Rejoice! April 6, 2018

Fun 'N Fiber Ceramics and Handmade Jewelry

So, my pottery has been selling like gangbusters locally at Fuller Lodge Art Center Gallery Shop, so I've been busy, busy, busy making pottery and neglecting this blog, which is in its infancy, and my Etsy shop.

Today, I listed several new yarn bowls in my Etsy shop so I thought it would be a great time to post about using yarn bowls.

Yarn bowls are a great way to keep your yarn and project organized while you are working on it.  Larger yarn bowls can hold 2+ colors at once!

Whether you knit, crochet or do some other art form that requires pulling long strands of yarn at a time, a yarn bowl is likely what you need.  A yarn bowl:
1)  Keeps your yarn balls from rolling all over the floor while you are knitting or crocheting.
2)  Keeps your fiber project and tools (needles, hooks, etc.) all in one place while you are not working on your project.
3)  Keeps your cat from chasing your yarn balls all over th…

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