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Sledging Plaster Forms for Ceramic Mold Making

by Margie Sarrao at Fun 'N Fiber

I spent this past week at a work shop with Harriet Caslin at Santa Fe Clay entitled Plaster Model & Mold Making, Concept to Finish.   I chose Ms. Caslin's workshop because of her absolutely stunning lighting fixtures, which you can find here!  She also makes beautiful tableware, so be sure to check out her shop.

But, based on the title and brief description of the workshop, I have to admit that I really had no idea what to expect, other than that I was (hopefully) going to learn how to make molds.
Well, it turned out that, in addition to making molds, I learned something completely new.  Something unexpected.  Something that I had never even heard of!  and that is.....
...sledging plaster  (or plaster sledging). 
If you look "sledging" up in the dictionary, you generally get two definitions, both of which are British, and neither of which have anything to do with plaster (or pottery).  It seems that sledging is usually defined as eithe…
Thoughts on Making and Craft Fairs and Self-Esteem
April 30, 2018
by Fun 'N 'Fiber Functional Ceramics and Handmade Jewelry

This past Saturday I bought a table at a small local arts & crafts fair.  I am always hesitant to do this for several reasons.

1)  I am a hobby potter, NOT a production potter.  According to Wikipedia, "production pottery refers to systematically producing wheel thrown pottery that is identical to each other.  It perhaps might be considered to be mass production pottery."   I am going to add that potters that hand-build their ceramics can also be production potters.  I know potters who make multitudes of hand-built trays, mugs, bowls, etc.  Generally, production potters make a living solely by making pottery, so they need a lot of product.

Some examples of production pottery:

photo sources: International Journal of Arts , Joel Cherrico Pottery and Terradolus Pottery.
Hobby potters, or small batch potters, by contrast, don't usually make man…
How Geodes Are Formed April 22, 2018 by Margie of Fun 'N Fiber

I recently had a special order for a heart necklace with an American Sign Language "I Love You" charm.  I dutifully took out all my stone heart pendants, photographed them, and sent them to the customer.  The one she chose is amazing!  While working with it, I noticed its gorgeous variations and that got me thinking about how amazing geodes are!  I know agate slice jewelry is super popular and trendy right now.  Most of these slices are slices of geodes.  So I thought I'd do a post about how geodes form.  
First things first.  This is a photo of the pendant she chose, and resulting necklace.  Simple and beautiful.

You can find lots of beautiful natural stone heart necklaces in my shop, or convo me for a custom order!

Here are some other gorgeous agate hearts I have in stock right now:                    

I like holding them up to the light because agate is mostly translucent, and you can really see its go…